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Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.

The Celebrations I offer

Let’s Plan Your Special Day.  If you have a reason to celebrate but don't see it noted then just drop me a line.  I am happy to work with you to create your unique milestone.

Dancing Grooms

Wedding Celebrations / Vow Renewals

Perfectly Planned to suit you

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a huge celebration, I can provide you with the Ceremony of your dreams.  In Scotland you can get married anywhere your heart desires.  I can help you create a magical day to remember....start thinking of white sand beaches, magical forests, majestic mountains.  As of  January 2024 I have been approved a licence by the National Registrar of Scotland to conduct legally binding marriage ceremonies for both same and opposite sex couples. I am proud to be one of the few Celebrants in Scotland to be able to do this.  I follow a Nature based spiritual path and I am proud to be part of the Scottish Pagan Federation but your ceremony will be written to reflect your beliefs and your customs.  We can include a little or a lot of the traditions of the past and all of the beliefs that make you individual.

In addition to this, later in life, couples choose to celebrate their love with a vow renewal. It’s a wonderful way to make a lasting memory and recognise the strength of your union.


Say a dignified Goodbye

It is my privilege to help you create the ceremony you want.  All my ceremonies are hand written by me and will focus around your words and what you want to say.  This can be as traditional or as informal as you and your loved ones request. I will work closely with you and your Funeral Director to make sure the ceremony expresses your beliefs and focuses on the life you wish to honour.  

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Family Together

Naming Day | Adoption Welcoming | Transition Ceremony

Lively and Fun

Naming Day

If, like a growing number of parents, you would like to celebrate the birth of your child a naming ceremony or  "Naming Day" is becoming increasingly popular. Together we can build a joyful ceremony that will welcome your baby into this world. 

Adoption Welcoming

Welcoming a child or young adult into a new family is a wonderful milestone, not only in their life but also that of their new parents. Adoption is a conscious and intentional choice, often one that is a lengthy and sometimes difficult process. This journey should be recognised, and a ceremony offers a powerful way to say we are all here together.

Transition Celebration

 Life’s transitions are a reason to celebrate. A chance to come together to declare that we are leaving something behind and starting something new.  


Contact Me
Drop me a line or pick up the phone.  I would love to hear from you.

Inverness, Scotland

07837 949391

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