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About me

 A proud and passionate Scot,  I made my home in the Highlands of Scotland so I don’t have to go far to find something that makes my heart glad.

I am very much at home in the great outdoors I am a keen hill walker.  We have some of the most accessible and spectacular scenery in the world and I love being able to show people all the best bits!  To be able to perform your ceremony on our beaches or in our forests  surrounded by wildlife is a real privilage. My life has revolved around the history, folklore and stories of Scotland and I love to weave those to create unique, authentic ceremonies. 

Becoming a Celebrant felt like a natural career progression for me. It incorporates many of the skills that come naturally to me. I have always regarded myself as a compassionate individual who finds it natural to want to help others. I am empathetic and find it natural to be understanding of all, even when they hold ethics, life styles and beliefs that differ from my own.

I believe that ‘one size does not fit all’ when marking the big milestones of life. Celebrations of these milestones should be as varied and diverse as the people who want to mark them. Being a Celebrant allows me to be of service to all the beautiful, diverse and creative individuals in this world.  I am not a Humanist so should you with to include a little or a lot of religious content in your celebrations , its all fine with me.  I will weave it all together to make a ceremony as unique as you.



To provide unique and creative ideas for your ceremonies.  To make the milestones of your life meaningful and match your beliefs and wishes to your ceremony.  To be professional and always do what I say I will do.  To continue training with The International College of Professional Celebrants to complete my accreditations and always keep learning.  To enjoy exploring my own Nature Based belief system and be an active member of the Scottish Pagan Federation.



To help you celebrate life's journey's in a you will remember always.  To be inclusive and welcoming to all without judgment.  

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